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Charlotte Houman
Textile Design

Charlotte Houman is a good example of the merger between craft and design: the artistic process resulting in a one off artwork, which is then adapted to industrial production.

Charlotte Houman works as a freelance designer, creating interior textiles for some of the most important textile and rollerblind companies in Denmark and Spain. Her innovative and original works carry forward the best features of the Scandinavian design tradition.

Working with architects, Charlotte Houman creates unique textile solutions tailored to the conditions of each place, with the focus on the potential of textiles as regards acoustics, shading light, dividing rooms, or decoration. She works with a perfect balance of function, aesthetics and sensory qualities.

Charlotte Houman has her workshop in Spain. This mixture between North and South is clearly reflected in her works. Light plays a prominent role in her textiles, but sometimes, even though light has a fantastic power, we need to shut it out, and it is in this area of tension between light and shadow that Charlotte Houman is working. She invents her own techniques, re-working pre-fabricated rollerblind canvas, creating hole-patterns, achieving original relief, light and shadow effects.


Charlotte Houman
Photos Manolo Yllera