My name is Charlotte Houman and I am a textile designer. For many years I have worked designing for different Danish textile companies while developing my artistic creation process. 

I trained in Danmarks Design Skole in Copenhagen, and in 1991 I moved to Cuacos de Yuste, Extremadura, where I established my textile studio in a rural guesthouse.

Here I conceived the Extremerinas Project, together with my colleague Concha Salguero, based on the desire to revalue the transhumant merino wool of Extremadura’s wood pastures (Dehesa).

I am especially passionate about creation that encompasses ethics and aesthetics in its process. That is why the principles which underlie everything I do are sustainability, traceability, local production and respect.

Everything you will find here is the result of my commitment to the use of natural fabrics in a local, artisanal production process in which every step can be traced. 

I firmly believe that there is a less harmful way of living, and that’s what I try to reflect in my brand.



Extremerinas is a project started in 2014 in collaboration with Concha Salguero, project coordinator with the Asociación Trashumancia y Naturaleza, from our shared passion of working with the superb wool from the flocks of Merino sheep found in the dehesa, the extensive pasture areas of Extremadura. Joining us in this project, the sheep breeder Cabello-Bravo (Siruela, Extremadura) made available the first batch of wool.

Merino wool

I decided to create a high quality interior design product, functional and aesthetic, sofa blankets, with the unique ‘Jacquard’ weaving technique, which allows for a double-sided design, experimenting with the natural colours of the wool, the natural white from the white Merino, and the dark brown of the rare and endangered black Merino.


NORDICAS, Naturally Hemp is the brand for the hemp textile collection, created together with Lone Eidseth, founder of wrapped in NAture

We have started this project together since we both share an ethical position in our way of life and love for natural products. Our focus is local; using only European materials, producing in Europe and we only sell our products in Europe. 

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