NORDICAS, Naturally Hemp is the brand for the hemp textile collection, created together with Lone Eidseth, founder of Wrapped in Nature.

We have started this project together since we both share an ethical position in our way of life and love for natural products. Our focus is local; using only European materials, producing in Europe and we only sell our products in Europe. We firmly believe in the possibility of changing our habits by acting without damaging our surroundings, being more respectful with nature and thinking more local.

Crop and manufacture

We use hemp grown and spun in eastern Europe and knitted in a small family knitting factory in the western part of Spain.


Our designs are all reusable products to replace daily single-use items for shopping, in the kitchen, and for the household in general. The products can be used for years and when they wears out completely they can be put in the compost pile without leaving any waste.

We have chosen hemp because:

It is the oldest crop in the world and is produced, spun, and knitted in Europe, reducing our carbon footprints.

It is a sustainable crop, without the need for pesticides, growing with much less water than cotton.

It is a plant which produces more fiber tan cotton on the same land.

It is a naturally antibacterial fiber with a very high absorbency making it ideal it for different household uses, such as kitchen cloth.

Even though hemp yarn is very fine and thin, it is an extremely strong and durable fiber, therefore it is perfect for produce-bags, as they are strong but very light, without increasing the weight of the product.

Merino wool garments

For several years I have been working with wool from Merino sheep from Extremadura to make woolen clothes and sofa blankets that help to care for the environment and rural areas

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