Several years of work and research were needed before began the production of sofa blankets, and this experience allowed me to develop other merino wool products.


My idea was to start from the same thread used for the blankets and see what other products might be possible. I really wanted to create a wool fleece fabric, to replace the common fleece fabrics used for multifunctional garments throughout the world, especially as sports- and leisure wear. However, they are mostly produced with synthetic fibres, especially polyester, which produce large amounts of microplastics when they are washed, generating waste that ends up polluting rivers and seas. Furthermore, the production of polyester fibre is itself highly polluting.

Merino wool fleece

I realized that in Spain there is no wool fleece production. Although some mountain sports wear made from 100% merino wool can still be found, the wool comes from New Zealand or Australia, with consequent emission and traceability problems and, sometimes, with very questionable animal husbandry techniques. Preventing precisely all these impacts is one of the fundamental principles of the project, and thus, I saw a huge niche in the market, which led me to start researching how to get a fleece fabric made of 100% Spanish merino wool.

Unique jackets

Finally, after a year of testing, I achieved the right fabric to make fleece jackets and the ideal place for its production, in a small family factory in Castilla y Leon. The jackets, the central product of the garments in the collection, have been very well received by the public, and show that more and more people appreciate the wonderful raw material we have in Spain, combined with local sustainable production, traceablity and aesthetics.

Sustainable fashion

And so, “pulling on the same thread” I am working to create other transhumant merino wool products, focused on the world of fashion, and expand the collection, covering a wide range of garments for all seasons. Wool is such a versatile fibre that it is also ideal for warm-weather clothing or items of extraordinary delicacy in their design style.

Merino wool blankets

With the wool of these Merino sheep I make sofa blankets of and extraordinary quality

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