Charlotte Houman completed her textile design studies at the “Danmarks Design Skole” in Copenhagen in 1991. Shortly after she set up her studio in Cuacos de Yuste, Extremadura, where she has designed textiles for prestigious Danish companies, such as Kvadrat and Faber, and created works for innumerable exhibitions in much of the world. Her creations have won many prizes, and she has been awarded grants from Danish foundations on numerous occasions.

She works as an independent designer, creating designs for interior fabrics, such as curtains, blinds, screens and Merino wool products. Her innovative and original works reflect the best of Scandinavian design, moving between design, craft and art.


In 2003, she moved to her new studio on the top floor of the Cantarranas Inn, which she owns with her husband. 

In 2011 she changed course and got involved in local politics, and was elected councilor of culture in the municipality of Cuacos de Yuste, Extremadura. After two years in this role, she returned to the world of design, this time with the focus on sustainable design and the environment.

In 2014, she founded “Extremerinas” together with Concha Salguero, coordinator of projects in the Transhumance and Nature Association, based on their shared passion of working with the wonderful merino wool from the pastures of Extremadura. Since then, Charlotte’s work has focused on local production and creating sustainable, aesthetic and functional products, such as wool blankets and garments. For several years she has experimented with Extremaduran merino wool to obtain a superior quality for her products. 


The merino wool of the Extramaduran pastures remains at the centre of Charlotte’s, work, with the aim of refining the quality even more, and expanding the collection with other wool products.

Previous projects








Water Dreams

Water II, 150×310 cm, cut-out by a digital plotter on non-woven polyester.

Made for the exhibition “Water Dreams” 2008, at the Danish Museum of Art and Design.


Divina-cut I y II, Cushions.

Cushions, made of 100% wool and polyurethane.


Made for the exhibition “Striber til stol og krop” 2006, at Round Tower, Copenhagen.

Sunrise/Sunset/Polar Sky

Sunrise 345×450 cm.
Copper-pigment printed on non-woven polyester. Wallhanging made for the exhibition “Se, nu stiger solen” 2005, Trapholt, Kolding, Denmark. Inspired by the movement of the sun, I made a textile-installation specific to the square-room at Trapholt.


Sunset 2005 450×600 cm
Black pigment painted on polyester screen.
Screen for windows made for the exhibition “Se, nu stiger solen” 2005, Trapholt, Kolding, Denmark.


Polar Sky, 450×450 cm

Black mother-of-pearl printed on non woven polyester. Here the star sign “Cancer”. Made for the exhibition “Se, nu stiger Solen”, 2005, Trapholt, Denmark.

Textile Forum

Inside Spain, outside my window


Wallhangings. 140 x 500 cm.
Cut-out by hand.
Material: Coated polyester canvas.


Individual exibition made for Paustian, Copenhagen and then translated to Textile Forum in Herning, Jutland. The inspiration comes from the surroundings of my studio 
in Spain.

White Oxygen

Multifunctional textile

Saltshrinking on cotton.

The inspiration comes from the geometry. I worked with circles and put them into a larger hexagon pattern, to get a very light and “airy” expression. The textile can be used in different ways; as a sari, a shawl or for interior decoration, like curtains.

Unifunctional textile

Screen, 165 x 210 cm.
Cut-out on coated cottoncanvas. The frame is made of stainless steel.

Wallhanging 200 x 200 cm.
Cut-out on coated cottoncanvas with a  japanese stencil knife. Made for SOFA (Sculptures Objects and Functional Art) in Chicago 2003.

Multifunctional textile made for the exhibition “Derfor” at Paustian, Copenhagen. The theme of the exhibition was unique artworks.


Technique: Cut out with a japanese stencil knife
Material: Coated cotton canvas
Size: 100 x 350 cm


I made this piece as a decoration for windows or walls, or to be hung from the ceiling as a screen. It was exhibited at the 4th Biennal of Arts and crafts at the Danish Museum of Decorative Arts, 2002.

Arcos Collection

Arcos, collection of interior textiles, was made for an individual exibition at the Danish Museum of Decorative Arts in Copenhagen in 2001.


After dyeing the material I did screenprinting with different techniques, such as saltshrinking and burn-out.


The inspiration comes from architecture in Morrocco and southern Spain.

Industrial design




Aurora Borealis

Harvest, Bloom and Spring are the three rollerblinds in the collection “Aurora Borealis”, which I made for Faber Denmark in 2003.


The collection was nominated for the Danish Design Prize in 2003.


In November 2007, Aurora Borealis received the Delta Silver Award in the prestigious design competition “Delta Awards”, Barcelona, Spain.


This year I presented a new lampcollection, ceiling-, table- and wall-lamps. Exist two different designs: Olas and Grecia.


Material: White plast

Tecnique: digital cut


This year I presented my dishmat collection in white silicone. They are practic for daily use and cleaning. Exist four different designs


Size: 31×42 cm

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